Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Of blogging and pins

Well, quite a while ago, I mentioned that I would be posting on Tuesday and Thursday. With my schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the Homework blog, that means that I can block out a regular blogging time in my day. Or so the theory goes…….

In an attempt to try out such a hair-brained idea, here’s the post for today:

I’ve sent off my tatting to the judges who volunteer for TAT. I hope they think my efforts are worthy of “Master Tatter.” It’s been a 2 year process. I’ll confess it was difficult at times to keep at it. Some of the patterns just didn’t grab me. My family reminded me that some of the pieces I work on for the organ don’t grab me; to accomplish what I set out, tatting will be no different. Many people have encouraged me along the path. I remember seeing a photo of the pins on a website many, many moons ago. I’ve been thinking of how my set would look. Anyone else have a set they own?

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