Friday, November 23, 2012

Transitions, family, and my newest adventure.

I was watching a bit of a Nature show on TV the other day. Several ducklings, just 2 days old, were leaving the nest in a tree trunk to join their mother on a small lake. Great entertainment. And a bit close to real life right now.
My son has touched down for a few moments as he transitions to college life from military life. We are marveling at how capable he is in his independence. We’re trying not to meddle, just support with a question or two and lots of listening. I’ve even shared a few stories of my transition time from teen to adult life.
The roughest part of it for me has been keeping some semblance of calm for my two very neurotic cats. They are just not good hosts to my son’s cat. Fortunately, they are all used to being indoors and in small places. Mostly, the females just hiss and spit and swipe without contact. So, there has been no fur flying. Yet….. Could be interesting at Christmas…….

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