Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is it November....already??????

November 3, 2012

Where did October go????

Well, my time in October ended up spent on helping. Not a bad activity. The opportunities were presented, after discussing them with those to whom I’m responsible, and a bit of prayer, I plunged in. I won’t bore you with the detail; lots of sorting, donating, and other tedious tasks. I will mention 2 activities I’ve been helping with:

Relocating my son. He’s leaving Active Duty and continuing with his college courses. I’d forgotten what 2000 lbs. of household goods looks like on a moving van. I‘m excited for him. He is an intelligent, talented young man who has a lot to give to the world. He has learned much, and will learn more.

Sacred Thread ministry at St. Andrew’s. There’s a set of special stained glass windows in the church. If you’re not close enough to drop by, you can get a feel for them in this photo: . The building isn’t that old, but the church is vibrant. It sounds holy. It looks holy. You can pray there in silence, in song, in color. A group of stitchers has created needlepoint kneelers that have been used for years. Recently, a more portable, flexible set was added to the collection. The process has spawned a growing ministry. To stitch our faith in yarn and canvas.

That’s a long explanation to my activities for this group. I mostly do clerical tasks. I’ve not stitched needlepoint in many, many years. I’m more comfortable with a shuttle to tat. But, when the interest to help grows from 5-6 stitchers to 50, help for the mundane tasks is needed…..desperately. It’s been exciting to see this group gets started with the canvases. They even convinced me to try one. With over 200 chairs to stitch and get mounted, many hands will be a help. I know it is another item for my calendar, but it is a worthy task.

I’m still bouncing around ideas for the People Look East design. I had fun coming up with a snowflake design. It doesn’t exactly work as it’s designed right now. When I get it tweaked, I’ll post it. Meanwhile, I’m working on a cute bee pattern. The designer is not keen on me posting a picture yet. I promise I’ll keep track of the file though!

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