Friday, June 29, 2012

Saint-Saens progress

I have been working steadily on the Saint-Saens pattern this week. It’s coming together. I’ve got a second draft. Now to put what’s on paper into thread. Of course, as I do that, I’m tweaking the design. So, what’s on paper is influenced by what’s in thread and what’s in thread is influenced by what’s on the computer. And it’s all based on the composition. I still haven’t decided to what extent I’ll be using beads; and if I’ll be using any metallic thread or such. Saint-Saens used the organ as a color instrument. Even when the orchestra is playing at forte, you can still generally discern the organ’s notes. Even though one of the melodies he uses is based on Dies Irae, I will probably not plumb the composition for such nuances. But then, I’m not finished yet. As an organist, I can’t ignore the fugue section, but it really isn’t an important facet. So, how to tat……

1 comment:

  1. wouldn't it be nice if you could clone your tatting so any changes you make with the tread are reflected in the written pattern. Just a thought! Out rageous of course but that is how my mind works or doesn't work.
    I can't wait to see a picture of what you are doing. You inspire me so much.