Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Well, I still don’t have the distraction under control. But, I’ve made headway!

The loom is almost rethreaded for my next learning experience. That process has taught me how to rethread. Thank goodness the warp is fairly short. I chose to widen the stripes which meant going back to the point where the warp comes off the warping board. Let’s just say I’ve untangled a lot. Including my brain!

The boxes are reduced by half in the study. I still can’t walk up and sit down at the sewing machine. That’s my goal for Thanksgiving. I’ve used that project to dip my toe into Project Management vocabulary. I’m hoping that exercise will help me communicate the creative process of practicing at the organ and designing with thread and shuttle.

Almost all of my tatting has been gifts. Some of the recipients follow this blog, so no pictures until unwrapping happens. Sorry. But, I will leave you with a quote from a novel I’m reading. The character I’m quoting is Vicar for the village church. The community has come together for their first ever quilting bee. “Quilts, like friendships, bring warmth and comfort to our lives. May the Lord guide your needles and the stitches you sew be as strong as the bonds of neighborly affection that unite our village. Amen.”

My previous house saw lots of creative activity, but seldom a gathering of creative friends. I host weekly tatting study group sessions, musicians have come by to rehearse, and neighbors have enjoyed the decorations I’ve created. This house has allowed me to feel much more united with my friends and family. May you find a way to connect through creativity over the next few weeks!

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