Tuesday, January 20, 2015

joining in with TIAS

I’ve been tatting along with Jane’s TIAS. Just not every day.
I do try to limit the sorting in our house, the browsing for the new house, and the general puttering. I try to tat each day. I’m still working on the flag. As soon as I complete another stripe, I’ll post a picture. I’m getting closer on the angel. Don’t expect a picture until February.
So, the only pictures I have to share are my TIAS: 
TIAS 2015 Day 5

back of button

I was tempted to use the back of the button. I like the little dark spot. But, not knowing how the pattern will turn out, I couldn’t decide how to orient the spot, so I used the front. But……

I have another button to use for the second sample!

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