Monday, June 9, 2014

Antiques Roadshow afterglow

Well, here’s an update from Saturday’s adventure:

We dutifully read all the instructions with the Roadshow tickets. We were excited. With an hour to go before we needed to leave the house, we were still deciding what to take! Yes, I did take the photo with hair art. I think we creeped-out several of the other “guests” and maybe a few of the “volunteers” and maybe the “expert” with the hair art. Personally, it doesn’t cause me any discomfort, but then, I’m a sentimental collector.

There were about 12,000 people there each with 2 items for appraisal. We arrived just before Noon, with ticket times running up to dinner time. Everyone was looking a bit tired when we arrived, I can only imagine how they must have felt at the end of the day. The expert (appraiser) who looked at the hair art for us was very knowledgeable. He started out by saying that he must have seen 50 of these hair wreaths when the Roadshow was in Bismarck, ND. He mentioned that there were quite a few immigrants from Russia that settled there and created many of the pieces. I know there are German ancestors in my family, but am not aware of any Russian or Swedish ancestors. More information for the puzzle…….

As for TIP, several people asked what I was doing. I had fun explaining to them what I was doing. No one exclaimed, “That’s a lost art!” So, I couldn’t answer, “I found it!” But then, consider the audience…… I didn’t have the courage to tat while we were standing directly behind one of the sets while they were taping. I guess I’m still camera shy despite the number of photos my Dad took while I was young. (I was the only girl – 3 brothers.)

Would I enter the lottery for tickets again? You bet!

Would I travel more than an hour to attend? Not unless we knew we have a real treasure.

We don’t really spend a lot of time with Antiques on our mind. We watch the show occasionally, treasure what we have (valuable or not), but don’t intend to take up the hobby/profession.

So, back to the tatting chair. I’m almost done with the Intarsia star. It’s a fiddly technique but really cool. I have several design ideas I want to explore very soon using the technique. But, I must, I really, really must, finish some of the Phd’s (projects half done) even though some are not even half way finished!

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