Monday, December 2, 2013

And where did November go?????

First off….I’m OK. The area of USA that we live is prone to Earthquakes; but that’s not what disrupted our house. I can usually handle one or even two small disasters; and moving doesn’t normally phase me. I’ve handled remodels in the past without moving out or getting storage lockers. Well, this time, it has thrown me. I’m misplacing things, running out of energy in the afternoons, and getting overwhelmed far too quickly to manage the whole process. Good thing our daughter is moving back in. She will be able to handle a lot of her things on her own. So, now we get some termite damage fixed and then we’ll be set to get back to normal.

I completed a huge project last month: a prayer shawl. I knit with a Knitting Board loom. I’m very pleased with the way it all turned out. It took a day or so to get a decent photo. Scanning is so much easier the way I have the computer set up. Then, the photo disappeared. I can’t find it anywhere. Not on the cameras (yes, plural), not on my phones (yes, plural), not on the computers (yes, plural). I guess I just thought I had taken the picture. Anyway, the shawl turned out well. The yarn was fun to work with. It’s a very fast repeat of 6 different fall colors. That made it look rather heathery. I’m sure it will warm and brighten someone’s day.

Next project: Move back in and sort out. Then it’s on to Christmas. However, I may have to postpone some of the sorting until after the holidays. Gee, that will make me sad….hehehe.

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