Wednesday, May 1, 2013

of birthdays and bucket lists

I recently celebrated a birthday. Not one of THOSE birthdays. I am over 50, which I’m proud to have celebrated. You see, when I was much, much younger, it was recommended I have a lump biopsy. Thus began my “benign” dance with life. Even though I have never had a diagnosis of cancer, a biopsy is still surgery. It can throw a wrench in your schedule! And bring your dreams and hopes and aspirations into sharp focus: “someday” becomes “next year” and “after I finish” becomes “whenever I can”. I’ve been very lucky. I finished school, got married, raised 2 children, worked in several career fields, and generally enjoyed life.

So, what’s in the bucket list? I emptied that a long, long time ago! I decided a bucket list is for those who have not been focused in their goals. I’ve been very happy with my goals, adjusted them often, and accomplished what was really important. I think. Well, I did lose that folder of papers last month. Perhaps I should find it today. I think it was under that stack……….wait a minute… this important?? Well, yes….sigh!

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