Tuesday, January 24, 2023

I’m getting organized

 It’s so exciting! Registration is open for Slow Fiber classes. I’ve begun sorting through my samples and remaking the “in progress” samples. It will be fun to see what the students learn and tat.

Registration is also open for Shuttlebirds Tat Days in April. I have my flight reservations. I need to tweek a few of my handouts. I will be gathering samples and such soon for those classes.

Bach Festival is taking shape. I don’t do much musically. My voice has aged to the point where I don’t put others through listening to me warble too much. I do have a couple of ideas for my Art of Music contribution. I think COVID is easing enough that we just may have more art to offer. That will be fun!

I’m keeping up with TIAS during all of this planning, sorting, creating, stowing. I’m used to going out on a limb so Day 4 & 5 were old hat to me:

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