Thursday, January 17, 2019

Insertion turned

Remember this project? I’ve reached the end of the strip that will sit at the neckline. The Tatting Study Group members brainstormed several options. I settled on this one:

Now to tat down the side returning to the beginning point, then to tat the second insertion, carefully take the machine lace off and finally sew my tatting on. Whew! Who knew what the scope of the project was? Certainly not me!

But I’d do it again!! I love having tatting on my outfits.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What's a New Year project?


Organizing, storing, setting goals and deciding what I’m going to focus on. Simple stuff. I do this every year. No pictures to share…..yet.

I’m also trying to fulfill a request for a tablet woven belt. It’s proving to be a challenge. Shoulda taken that workshop! I learned a lot in the first one, but couldn't attend the second. Now I'm reduced to just trying out ideas until something works. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

stretch, massage, stretch and stretch again

Remember this from 2013? I wish I didn’t have to review all this, but needs must!

I’m not liking the way the ankle is feeling. It’s just not healing in the way I expect. So, I’ve spent way too much time thinking about that and so have not been thinking about organ music, tatting, or the more satisfying parts of my life. In review, I did heal and get back to a passable level of physical health. I can do this!!

What have I spent time on?

Samples of my Ice Drop project for next month. Finding copies of music for colleagues.  And resting the foot and ankle. Oh, and attending a fabulous concert.( Preview on Pg. 27). Here's the link to the review:

I’m off to stretch the foot and massage the tension away. After washing the hands, I’ll be working on more New Year projects.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best laid and misplaced plans....digitally

My photography skills strike again. Or rather lack thereof.

I KNOW I took pictures of the snowflakes I tatted up for gifts. I know I did. Just can’t find them on the phone now. Several were given to good friends. After the hoopla is over this weekend, I’ll approach them to take ANOTHER picture. They have all said they will keep them out and enjoy them all year long.


I’ve set my sights on getting a post done next Thursday with all those photos. Until then, enjoy Epiphany and all the light that shines on!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The next gift

I can’t decide!
I have worked some snowflakes from this book in the Metallic. I quite like how they look. They are stiff enough without starch to use on a tree or hanging in a window. I’ll share pictures after blocking. And making my decision…..

Originally, I thought I would use them around an ornament. I still may. Must decide….

Practice comes first for the next few days. Christmas is coming. Have you found all the gifts you’ve squirrelled away? And do you know where your metronome is?

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My Pantone challenge

I finally get to share what I’ve been working on. At least this gift:

The challenge was to use the Pantone color that has been associated with your Secret Santa person. I used Candlewicking thread for the band and the tatting. Not ideal, but good colors. The darker color used in the snowflake was the target. As usual, there was a bit of learning curve with this project!

Tablet weaving is tough on my wrists, so I started and stopped a lot. That translates to mistakes. A lot. Didn’t hesitate to cut the band up and I found a nice fabric to compliment. Sewing it on didn’t work as well as I like, but I hope it will be used. It’s not meant to be an heirloom, but a frequently used item. I have a friend who dusts the house with her loom samples!

Snowflake 8 from Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments
The thread was not as tightly plied as I usually tat with. That required extra attention with every DS. To get the colors in the proper place on the snowflake, the pattern ended up needing quite a few SLT. The advantage of using such a soft thread is that those knots end of disappearing into the piece. I plan to use this pattern quite a bit. It looks good in thread! I wonder how it will look in the metallic thread???

On to the next gift……

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What's coming up in 2019

I’ve been trying to focus my energies for 2019. Unsuccessfully. I’ve got just too, too many ideas!
Here’s a few:
Teach more people about the organ with a workshop/class on the physics used in organ building.
Play the organ more in different locations.
Teach more people to tat.
Create documentation of original patterns.
Create pieces for display/sale in galleries.
Oh, and keep up the snail’s pace of remodeling/restoring the house and property.
That’ll keep me busy! What are you thinking of tackling in 2019?