Thursday, May 19, 2022

IOLI Challenge

 Try a lace stitch that is new to you.


There is essentially only one stitch in tatting: Double Stitch or DS

There are a zillion ways to combine the DS with all sorts of lacy results. But a “stitch that is new to you” really is stumping me. I’ve reached out to some tatters who have been at this far longer than I have, tatters who have combined other lace techniques (cluny), and tatters who have designed some spectacular new styles of lace. So far, no idea has presented itself.

New to you……

Any ideas?

Oh, and here’s the page with photos of the previous IOLI challenge #4.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

I've finished this part, what's next????


Christmas Bells by SEBA Designs

I have a kit for a Christmas ornament. When it’s ready to hang on the tree, it looks like a small lantern. I see so many possibilities for this idea. Tatted edging….tatted motif mounted on a gossamer cloth…..beads and bling…..

The stitching for this side went fairly well….until I started in on the parts I stitched in yellow thread. If you can count past 4, I’m sure it was enjoyable. I’m a musician. Past 4 is a challenge for me to keep on task. J No, not really, but I did have to take out quite a bit. As I stitched the corner designs, I found 2 mistakes. They will stay mistakes and become design variations. J

I’ve already started tatting an edging. Just a sample as I think I might add beads.

Friday, May 13, 2022

And reset.....

 Just when I thought it was safe…..

I wound my shuttles with a thread that has been sun damaged. So, I wasted thread. I wasted time. AND I have nothing to show but a pile of thread in the bin.

Next week……..

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Tickets available here……

I’ll be joining in with the group when they come to Carmel Valley. The effort will be dedicated to those who have passed away in the group. Sad, but singing will remember them well.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Did you hear that sigh?

 We’ve been experiencing supply chain issues lately. And there seems to be another round of COVID cases happening in my neck of the woods. So, I’m not surprised I cannot find a source for more of the bead caps. Really. Just disappointed.

I’ll be reaching out to my bartering friends. But, I don’t have much hope.

I’m disappointed because a friend has been helping me with stitching projects. I can trust her to give me straight, useful feedback. She is experienced enough to know what’s hard, what’s easy, and how to correct the mistakes she sees. And honest enough to give me accurate feedback. I wanted to tat a pair of earrings for her. I don’t have any bead caps without tatting on them. Well, this pair:

But, I’m not sure if they’re her style. I’ll offer them along with some others I tatted up.

If any of you know where I might pick up some bead caps for 4 mm beads, let me know.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

progress on SAL

 It's been awhile since I showed my progress. I find the stitching is helping me center. 

And yes, that is cat fur stitched in. She senses my discomfort and wants to help. I cannot refuse. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

We're getting back to fun!

 I received my flyer for the Carmel Bach Festival yesterday. I know those far flung from Monterey probably won’t be able to join in, but if you can, DO!!! Let me know your plans and I’ll do my best to connect with you!