Thursday, December 22, 2016

Time to celebrate!!

As you read this, the office is in shambles. I'm ignoring it to celebrate. More on that later.

I have needed to replace an aging printer for…years…but thanks to a couple of rescues from the tech whisperer, I kept putting it off. Well, it has died. I’ve replaced that piece of hardware, but that action has a trickle-down effect of forcing a different configuration of the computer work space. That forced an adjustment of loom and tatting space. I'll put up a picture when it's finished. Really! That forced the drudgery of organization. I’m still working on it. Merry Christmas (snort!)

No, really, I do look forward to Christmas. It’s a wonderful time to be an organist with handbell ringing skills. My voice has aged to where I no longer am tapped for David’s City or other traditional carols. It’s really fun to hear and see and play with younger musicians who are celebrating. It’s always more fun to celebrate with a crowd than just you.  

So, here’s to a Merry Christmas and many, many hours of music, tatting, enjoying company and celebrations!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A feel good story

More distractions from tatting with good organ stuff. The December American Organist arrived. Usually, the cover story is about some new organ. Lately, some of the cover organs have not only been spectacular to look at, but also have a sweet story to share. I have a bucket list of organs to listen to. It keeps getting longer and longer with each magazine edition! Anyway, this is a gem that was literally rescued. If you follow links on the website, you should be able to read the story until the January cover story replaces it.

I’m still working of Mark’s angel for our tree top. I've added a bit more, but to pictures as I'm not to the assembly part. I’m still working on a stripe of the flag. I am gathering supplies for the TIAS next month. And, of course, I’m still dreaming up new pieces based on pieces.

Right now, I’m off to practice for next weekend. More later…..

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Inspiration rolled in

I took a walk the other day on the beach. Rather than struggle learning a new scanner program, correcting mistakes in a new pattern, or playing with swollen sore hands, I found these beauties:

sea glass and piece of shell
Just like the waves rolling in, ideas started crowding in. No, I didn’t turn my back on the ocean! Especially in winter that’s a really dangerous idea! And before I allowed myself to become really absorbed, I strolled up past high tide mark. I wanted to keep my leather shoes nicer. ;)

wings from Mark Myers angel pattern
Back home, I’m having more success with the scanner. Lots to learn though!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Purple square study finished

I finally finished it! 

This pattern is really cool to do. Workbasket is a great source for fun patterns. The techniques I used were a little more advanced, but I think the result warrants the effort.
Workbasket scarf square
Adding the beads was unnecessary to the design, but I think really set things off. I kept thinking about the pansy I made several years ago with Marilee’s excellent help. That got me thinking about making some snowman earrings for myself. I’d like something whimsical to wear this time of year.

I’ll get to it right after I finish practicing, preparing for the renter, and decorating for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creative Balance

Tatting time lately has taken a back seat to my organ time. 
No surprise there. December is always crunch time for those in Sacred Music. I’ve learned that I need to start planning for Christmas Day in July. If I plan hand-made gifts, those need to get done by November. If we host, the house tasks need to be planned by September. If we travel, the house chores need to be planned by October. That’s just so that I don’t get overwhelmed and fragmented with the practice and performance schedule. I know so many colleagues who do so much harm to themselves trying to have a life and work. I’ve come very close myself. Too close. So, what has been the organ time lately? Taking on a couple of small assisting gigs to allow 2 of those colleagues to pull off the impossible: work life balance as a musician. I’ll be playing a couple of wonderful instruments, sharing some 18th century French music, and celebrating with family and friends.

So, what about tatting?

The tree is almost done. I was able to work on it for 3 hours while the Superior Court of Monterey County decided that they didn’t need me to serve as a juror. I’m not pleased with the last few elements, so I’ll be redoing them. I hope to have it up so I can share pictures with Thursday’s post. Check back then! In the meantime, I encourage us all to create a little each day.