Thursday, August 4, 2022

My silk adventures are branching out soon


A friend stopped by the Kreinik headquarters for me last month. She had permission to go shopping for me. This is what she brought back:

I’m very intrigued with stitching on the “silk gauze” even though it looks a bit intimidating. I’ll be looking for tips on the Internet for neophytes like me. As pansies, or violets, don’t grow well in our yard, this may be the closest I get to my favorite flower. 😊


  1. Looking forward to your initiation and progress 😀💜

  2. Wow, that’ll be interesting. Enjoy. Mary Corbet on Needle n Thread did some miniature silk embroidery, worth looking at her site, link on my blog.

    1. Mary Corbet's material is where i head first. I'll be meeting with a local stitcher also. With help, it will be fun!