Tuesday, June 18, 2019

From despair to completion

The tatting is done! Now to finish it.

I’m leaning towards just starching this piece. Most of the time I like to either let it be with just a blocking, or if necessary, mount it on a piece of fabric, even framing it under glass.

But this one just doesn’t want to be tamed!

I like people being able to touch and handle the tatting. Maybe because I always want to feel clothing and tablecloths and napkins and well, anything made with thread! I’ll be starching it tomorrow. Don’t expect pictures for a few weeks. The show will open soon and then I can post.

In the meantime, listen to BWV 549.


  1. Wow, that looks like a piece of my tatting!!! ;)
    The designer of the doilies I have been tatting likes to say that the doilies look "hairy". ;)

  2. All will be sorted today when I starch the piece.